Sunday, 21 November 2010

urban void

"If there is too much to see, that is, if an image is too
full, or there are too many images, the effect is you
do not see anything any more. Too much too
quickly turns into ‘nothing.’ If an image is empty,
or almost empty and sparse, it can reveal so much
that it completely fills you, and the emptiness
becomes ‘everything’."
"I had never realized so clearly before that there have to be places in cities that are not occupied, but that have to open up suddenly, like clearings in a wood. I like the word we have in German for clearing: "Lichtung", suggesting a place with bright clear light, as does the English "clearing". If you don`t have islands of light and disorder like this the city becomes overloaded, it becomes a closed system."
Wim Wenders

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